In a very picturesque bay located west of its port is amphitheatrically built a Russian Naval Station. This naval base was created by the Russians after the end of the Russo-Turkish war in the sheltered port of Poros and was used as a power station for their fleet. This complex included a number of buildings for the production of cake and for the storage of materials, food and coal that were used for supply.

However, after the decline of the Russian Navy at the beginning of the 20th century, Poriotis, then ambassador of Greece to Russia, Alexandros Tombazis suggested to the Tsar the concession of the naval base to the Greek State for the benefit of the Greek Navy. The Tsar agreed and so he joined the Naval Service that was then based in Poros.

In the following years the port was not used and began to fall into disrepair. Following a decision of the Ministry of Culture in 1989, the buildings of the Naval Station are characterized as historical and preserved monuments.

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