Are you a fan of Fishing?

In the crystal clear blue waters of Poros you can tour from creek to creek, swim and at the end enjoy a meal on the boat with whatever fish was caught! You will enjoy swimming in secluded but beautiful coves with turquoise, crystal clear waters and pine trees reaching their beaches.

How to fish:

  1. With Rod: We fish with the technique of Syrti and we have the ability to catch Tonakia, Syrtes, Pike, Melanouria and various other Fish Fish.
  2. Vertical: We bait our hooks in the Vertical and raise and lower it to different depths. We have the ability to catch Hanus, Perches, Lithrinia, Sargos and various other Cod Fish.
  3. With Nets: We lift our nets, which we have thrown from the previous night and we fish them together, taking out the fish that are usually red mullet, cod, perch, scorpions and various others.
  4. With Longline: We lift our longlines, which we have thrown from the previous night with which we have the opportunity to catch good and remarkable fish, such as Fagria, Lithrinia, Synagrides, Steri, Sargous.