The Archaeological Museum of Poros is located in Koryzi Square and was created thanks
to a lover of archeology Christos Fourniadis, who started by undertaking the difficult task
of saving the antiquities of the region of Trizinia. The Museum consists of two rooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor of the building full of exhibits from all over Trizinia and some from the area of ​​Ermioni. The site houses sculptures, inscriptions and architectural members from Troizina, Kalavria and Methana. His most exhibits include:

  • a large relief with a representation of a dog, which was part of an ancient
  • building,a plaster model of the well-known inscribed column from Troizina with the text of the Athenian resolution proposed by Themistocles in 480 BC. to deal with the Persian invasion,
  • an archaic epigram (about 600 BC) from an epitaph found in Methana,
  • an honorary resolution of the city of Troizina (369 BC) and
  • the inscribed pedestal of a bronze statue of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, votive offering of the city of Methana (175-180 AD).

The rich collection of the museum’s exhibits covers the period from the Mycenaean Era to
the early Christian centuries.

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