Just 4 km from Galatas and opposite Poros in a magnificent landscape with wonderful views
of the mountain and the sea there is the farm “WORLD’S LAND” where horses live and are
raised freely in nature.


Horses are known to have healing energy, which with the special guidance and care of trained people, provides you with a unique riding experience in harmony with nature. Learn everything about these wonderful animals and their world with a two-hour visit and contact with them. Hug them, caress them, feed them with apples and watermelon which are their favorite delicacies! Finally, you can expand your contact by finding the A-LOGO part of yourself because always through the contact of man with his “other – I” (horse) and nature, unprecedented and wonderful things can happen!


The experience of spending the night in equipped tents next to the horse area in a fenced area while they rest, drink water in the troughs or play in the moonlight is unique. “IN THE COUNTRY OF THE WOLF” the interaction of man with horses creates a relationship that remains indelible in the mind and soul forever!

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